THE WALKERS (Sims 2 Machinima) Edit

"The Walkers" is a Sims 2 machinima series created by Marco Goulart, also known as 'hflgoulart' on Youtube. The first Episode aired on YouTube in December of 2012 which gained over 27,000 views . Although the editing skills and the series performance has improved, the show's popularity has decreased from 27,000 views to 4,958 views. However this could be that each episode takes awhile to make. For example the last episode that was created was in August of 2013 and it is soon to be 2017.


"The Walkers" is set in the fictional town of Stormville where the main character, Jack Martin, finds himself in an abandoned house with no clue about his past. As he tries to exit his house He runs into flesh-eating decayed corpses that try to bite him. Later on in the story Jack meets a group of survivors.

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The walkers zombie apocalypse the sims 2 pict by animatormarco-d5o4tue