Lee Wang is one of the main character in The Walkers(The Sims 2).

Basic InfoEdit

Status: Alive.
Gender: Male.
Age: 34.
Hair: Brown.
Relations: Jim; Jack; Carter;
Occupation: Resident. / Survivor.


Not much is known about Lee's past, but it is confirmed that Lee Wang had moved into Stormville recently with hopes of finding a job and start a new life away from big cities.


As again, little is known about what happened to Lee during the first days of the Apocalypse. What is known so far is that he was rescuded by Jim, who he quickly befriended with alonsigde with an individual named David. Them, the three of them moved into a safe-house that belonged to Jim on the outskirts of town.

By looks of it, David got infected by unknown reasons and had to be put down, changing Jim's mind in order to make them survive.