Jack Martin is the main protagonist in The Walkers(The Sims 2). He is inspired by 'Rick Grimes', the main character of 'The Walking Dead' Comic Books and TV Show.

Basic InfoEdit

Status: Alive.
Gender: Male.
Age: 37.
Hair: Black.
Family: Sarah; Jacob; Barbara;
Occupation: Resident. / Police Officer.


Jack's life was pretty much simple. He had a full-time job; a family and friends.

He used to work at Stromville's Delagacy alongside with others cops. His life wasn't packed with action and cases like he had hoped for, but it was good. It had a good salary and it wouldn't consume too much of his free-time, making him available for the rest of his family.


Little is known of what happened to him during the beggining of the Apocalypse that shook the entire city of Stormville. All that is known so far is that he, mysteriously,  got amnesia and doesn't recall the events that have happened.


Jack Martin awoken on a small, abandoned building with no clue of his past.. The only thing that he could remember was his name, but he wasn't sure about it.. He searched for help inside the building, but the only thing that he found were undead people who were seeking for fresh flesh. He managed to kill one of the undead and escaped the house, only to find out that the town was crawling with those things.

Jack, with his head spinning around, ran to the nearest hospital, where he found out that it wasn't the brightest idea so far. The entrance was filled of those things and dead bodies were laying around. Jack thought that his time was about to come, but when one of the undead was about to devour him, a gunshot was heard and it fell on its back. Jack looked around and a saw a man, who was willing to help. The told him that he was there to help and brought him to a safe-house, located on the outskirts of town.

The man's name was Lee Wang , he was good with the trigger and appeared to be the type of person who could stay calm on tough situations. He introduced himself and to one of his partners, Jim , who didn't take Jack lightly and had the desires of kicking him out, but Leed stood for his and managed to keep Jack with them by slightly lying about their current situation.