Indie Ways is one of the main survivors of THE WALKERS series. She was saved by Carter Nyson and is inpired by Clementine from The Walking Dead(Video Game).
Status: Alive.
Gender: Female.
Age: 9 years old.
Hair Color: Black.
Family: Unknown, probably dead.
Occupation: Resident. / Student.


Little is known about Indie regarding to her past. Even though she shares a strong connection to her savior, Carver, she remains shut and closed when it comes to her past.


After the breakdown on Stormville, Indie managed to create a small camp based on the skills that her father had taught her troughout the eyars. It was then when she met Carver Nyson, a man who had managed to survive a car crash He took him her under his wings and made a vow on keeping her safe as long as he lived.

She now lives with a group of survivors whose leader is Jack and befriended with one of the children.

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